Suyan Queiroz

Name:  Suyan Queiroz
Rank:  4th Degree BJJ Black Belt
Born:  1974 / Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Division:  Lightweight
Affiliation:  First BJJ
Location:  Murray, UT

Suyan started training in BJJ when he was 10 years old with his father’s influence. He then started training with Carlson Gracie’s team in 1993 as a blue belt and got his black belt in 1998. He’s very proud to have introduced BJJ in the United Arab Emirates Armed Forces, S.O.C. Special Operation Commander, Royal Guard and C.N.I.A – Critical National Infrastructure Authority. He also helped introduce BJJ in the UAE public schools. He now runs his own school FIRST BJJ in Murray, UT.

Q:  What is your favorite BJJ position or submission?
A:  Sweeps from spider guard and pass guard from half guard.

Q:  Who are your biggest influences in BJJ?
A:  The spirit warrior of Carlson Gracie and all his black belt renowned.

Q:  Do you have any interesting stories or memories from when you first started in BJJ?
A:   I remember when I arrived in Carlson Gracie School, I was blue belt from another small school and my 1st day of training was very hard, but I survived. Master Marcelo Alonso opened the doors of Carlson Gracie team and invited me to train in his class. It was a great time and I learned a lot from all the best fighters in the world.

Q:  What’s your favorite drill or exercise?
A:   I like to drill a lot passing guard and take downs.

Q:  Favorite meal?
A:  My favorite meal is rice and beans mixed.

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