Suraj Budhram

 Name: Suraj Budhram
BJJ Brown Belt
Light Featherweight
Renato Tavares BJJ
Vero Beach, FL

Suraj graduated from Indian River State College in Fort Pierce, FL with his Bachelor’s in Business. He also trains full time under Master Renato Tavares at Legacy BJJ in Vero Beach. He got into BJJ in 2010 when he decided that he wanted to clean up his life and stop hanging around a bad crowd. He immediately took to it and has been training and competing nonstop ever since. He has opened up a school with his partner Renato Tavares in Vero Beach, called Beachside Fitness and Martial Arts. He plans to compete and do seminars all around the world, and then eventually be a World Champion!

Q:  What is your favorite BJJ position or submission?
A:  My favorite position is Half Guard.

Q:  Who are your biggest influences in BJJ?
A:  Master Renato Tavares is a true influence to me! He is my mentor, my life coach, and my friend. I wouldn’t be half the person I am without him being a good role model.

Q:  What is something you do before every competition?
A:  I usually try to relax my mind and body. I like to sit in the hot tub and also focus on a game plan for the next day.

Q:  If you could have a private lesson with anyone today, who would it be?
A:  Leoandro Lo… He is the guy to beat and his guard passing is sick!

Q:  Do you have any interesting stories or memories from when you first started in BJJ?
A:  I remember when I got my blue belt, I bought a ticket to Brazil and stayed there for one month just training all day! I also took a 16 hour bus ride to another city just to compete! Placed 2nd and that is a memory I will never forget!

Q:  Favorite holiday?
A:  Thanksgiving because of all the FOOD!

Q:  If you were a superhero, what power would you want?
A:  Pressure Man…My super power would be to apply super pressure to the body. Look light as a feather, but feel like a 100kg

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