Richard Garrett

Name:  Richard Garrett
Rank:   BJJ Purple Belt
Born:  1993/Melbourne, Australia
Division:  Middle Heavy
Affiliation:  Immersion MMA
Location:  Melbourne, Australia
  • 2015 Kanto Jiu Jitsu Champion
  • 2014 Victorian State Champion
  • 2013 Tasmanian State Champion 2x
  • 2012 Pan Pacific Champion
  • 2012 Synergy Pro Champion 2x
  • More Grappling Round Robin Winner 6x
  • Bio
    Richard started BJJ back in 2011. He was always interested in martial arts, but the opportunity to train never came up until he went to university. He was hooked straight away and began training almost every day. Now that he has finished university he works as a consultant for hazardous materials. After taking a break from competitions he is looking forward to getting back into the comp scene in 2018.

    Q: What is your favorite BJJ position or submission?
    A: Triangle choke. Great for gi and no gi and can be set up from everywhere.

    Q: Who are your biggest influences in BJJ?
    A: Ryan Hall. He has a really good approach to learning jiu jitsu that I have adapted into my game easily.

    Q: What is something you do before every competition?
    A: I’m usually running around coaching or refereeing all day, so I never actually have a pre-comp ritual. Or perhaps that is mine?

    Q: If you could have a private lesson with anyone today, who would it be?
    A: Ryan Hall. So many things I would like to discuss. Just need to get over to America someday.

    Q: On average how many hours a week do you spending training?
    A: 8-12

    Q: What are your hobbies outside of BJJ?
    A: I spend a fair amount of time reading science related news, but also enjoy my video games. In particular Dota 2. Nothing beats a good TV series binge watch though.

    Q: Do you have any interesting stories or memories from when you first started in BJJ?
    A: My family have always referred to jiu jitsu as “man cuddling,” but hadn’t really seen too much outside of the competition environment. They came along to my blue belt grading and that night said to me that they actually understood why I love this sport so much. They may never start training themselves, but it was nice to hear.

    Q: What’s your favorite drill or exercise?
    A: We call it “Around the world.” Start seated next to a standing person’s leg. Roll to invert and then out onto the other leg. Keep spinning round and round the person until you get too dizzy.

    Q: Favorite meal or holiday or movie?
    A: Chocolate is my big killer. It is what keeps me from going back down to middleweight ha! I love Japan. Been there 3 times now. Am lucky enough to have some great training partners at Max Jiu Jitsu Academy there for me when I come visit. Shawshank Redemption.

    Q: If you were a superhero, what power would you want?
    A: Regeneration. Would be so much easier to train more if I didn’t have get injuries.

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