Richard Abarca Jr.

Name:  Richard Abarca Jr.
Rank:   BJJ Brown Belt
Born:   1986, CA.
Division:  Feather Weight
Affiliation:  Checkmat South Texas
Location:  Pharr, TX

Richard started his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu journey about 9 years ago when his brother invited him to go train and he was instantly hooked. He’s training hard to win gold at multiple IBJJF tournaments this year, and has his mind set on being an IBJJF World Champion. He continues to chase BJJ knowledge every day, on top of being a great father to three beautiful girls, working a full-time job, and teaching a kids BJJ class at Checkmat South Texas.

Q:        What is your favorite BJJ position?
A:        The spider guard.

Q:        Who are your biggest influences in BJJ?
A:        My coach Danian Torres and best friend/training partner Tomas Moreno for always pushing me to better myself on and off the mats.

Q:        What is something you do before every competition?
A:        I take nice nap before every competition.

Q:        If you could have a private lesson with anyone today, who would it be?
A:        Leo Vieira and Rafa Mendez

Q:        On average how many hours a week do you spending training?
A:        Between 6-12 hours a week.

Q:        What are your hobbies outside of BJJ?
A:        Watching anime, billiards pool and family time.

Q:        What’s your favorite drill or exercise?
A:        My favorite drill is berimbolo drills.

Q:        Favorite meal?
A:        Tacos

Q:        Favorite holiday?
A:        Thanksgiving because of all the food.

Q:        If you were a superhero, what power would you want?
A:        I would love Mr. Fantastic flexibility because I could never be submitted.



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