Pat Hemenway

Name: Patrick (Pat) Hemenway
Rank: BJJ 4 Stripe Purple Belt
Born: 1990, NJ
Division: Middle/ Medium Heavy
Affiliation: KPMMA
Location: Belmar, NJ

Purple Belt:

Blue Belt:


My name is Pat, and I’m 26 years old from Belmar, NJ. I teach and train full time at Pellegrino MMA. I put in at least at least 30 hours of jiujitsu a week and revolve my whole life around the sport. I’ve been training for about 5 years and my goal is to compete at the highest level and win as many world titles as possible. If I’m not in the gym, you can usually find me in the ocean. Surfing is a big part of my life. My ideal day would be waking up to waves, training jiujitsu & then ending the day the same way.

Q: What is your favorite BJJ position or submission?
A: My favorite position is deep half guard; favorite submission is north south choke.

Q: Who are your biggest influences in BJJ?
A: Definitely my coach Kurt Pellegrino, & his coach Marcelo Garcia, as well as my friend Mike Fowler.

Q: What is something you do before every competition?
A: Usually if I’m able, the morning of or night before competing I like to jump in the ocean or some form of water to clear my head.

Q: On average how many hours a week do you spending training?
A: I practically live at the gym. Monday to Friday I spend at least 5 hours there each day or more, plus a few hours Saturday & Sunday, so easily at least 30 hours a week minimum.

Q: What are your hobbies outside of BJJ?
A: Surfing

Q: Do you have any interesting stories or memories from when you first started in BJJ?
A: I met my girlfriend through jiu-jitsu, and we’ve been together for two years and travel and compete together.

Q: Favorite movie?
A: The Warriors

Q: If you were a superhero, what power would you want?
A: To be able to fly, so I can go anywhere I want to compete, and go to the places with the best waves.

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